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Traveling by Car

An American Pastime for Over 100 Years

While American car culture has been alive and well for over a century, it was the popular family vacation along old Route 66 that romanticized the road trip. Traveling by car is still the preferred option for many when they want to reach their intended destination. While long-distance driving has its charms, there are several things to consider before heading out on the highway.

Why Drive When You Can Fly or Take the Train?

Traveling by car gives you greater flexibility and control over your time. Depending on the total distance or the number of travelers, a trip by car might be cheaper as well. You can start or stop whenever you like, and you have more options on where to eat or the scenery you will enjoy along the way. For those with travel anxiety, the comfort of a familiar environment, as compared to trains and planes, alleviates some of the pressures.

The Tradeoffs

A road trip puts miles on your car and can be exhausting for the driver as well as passengers. Driving requires concentration, and for some, the stress becomes overwhelming. Drivers are responsible for maintenance and vehicle insurance, as well as using good judgment while on the road. Accidents or break downs can delay your trip or put you in danger. It is good practice to check your route for hazards, like bad weather or road construction, and know emergency contact information. My personal road trips always involve careful planning and accident prevention measures. I learned a lot from a car accident lawyer near me who has studied vehicle-involved accidents for many years.

Getting Ready for a Road Trip

Before you head out, make sure your car can handle the long drive. It is always best to get your vehicle serviced by a qualified mechanic, but at a minimum, you should top off fluid levels and check your tire pressures. Additional measures such as carrying extra water and making sure your spare tire and tools are ready should you need them are always a good idea. Consider purchasing additional insurance to protect against added risks you may encounter on the road.

Drive on Your Next Vacation

The open road is calling all who are willing to meet the challenge. Long-distance driving is still the preferred method of travel for many, and it might be the right choice for you too. Plan early and be prepared to make your trip enjoyable and safe. Becoming a member of an automobile club or association with services like free or discounted towing and travel assistance is invaluable for travelers who want more travel security.