Fisherman saved from sands as tide comes in

At 01-43 am on Thursday 29th August, Liverpool Coastguard paged the crew of Fleetwood Lifeboat, to launch to assist a local fisherman, who was out on the sands off the Marine Hall Fleetwood attending to his night lines and who had become disorientated in the darkness. The tide was coming in fast and he realised that he could not make it back safely to the shore.

As happens all too often, the tide began to flood between the fisherman and the shore, filling in gullies and this can easily cause confusion at night and prevent your return to shore.

James Coleman from Fleetwood went out at 10pm Wednesday evening, to collect his night lines and got into difficulty. Luckily he was able to call for assistance on his mobile phone.

RNLI volunteers, Neil Atkinson, Dave Jordan and Steven Frith, set off into the night in the inshore lifeboat, to try and locate the fisherman. Luckily it was a calm night with little wind and they soon found the man wading up to his thighs in water, half a mile out from the Marine Hall. He was taken aboard the lifeboat and brought back to the safety of the lifeboat station.

Fleetwood Coastguard Team were then able to interview James and offer him some sound advice.

Mark Sumner from Fleetwood Coastguard said “ It cannot be stressed enough that anyone going out onto the sands, should be fully aware of the tide times and should not go out at night unless absolutely necessary.”

James (pictured) was extremely relieved when the lifeboat crew arrived to help him and potentially save his life.