ILB searches for lost dog in Fleetwood Channel

Saturday 15th February 2019

At 4pm this afternoon, Liverpool Coastguard requested the launch of the Fleetwood Inshore Lifeboat, following the report of an incident on the beach near Fleetwood’s Lower Lighthouse.

A couple had been walking their dog on the beach when it ran into the water to chase a seagull. The dog then had trouble making its way back to the beach and it was reported that both the owners had entered the water to try to help the Staffordshire bull terrier.

The weather at the time was very cold with a North Westerly force 6 wind and the tide was now going out fast, creating strong currents in the channel.

Luckily the owners managed to return safely to the water’s edge but were clearly very distressed. Fleetwood Lifeboat Operation Manager, Dave Eccles, agreed to launch the lifeboat to hopefully save the poor dog.

The Inshore Lifeboat, Mary Elizabeth Barnes, launched within 7 minutes with volunteer RNLI crew Andy Marham, Daryl Randles and Stuart Carroll aboard. They searched the channel from the beach out as far as Wyre Light for over an hour but did not find the animal.

The owners were taken by ambulance to the local Medical Centre for a check-up and it is not known at this time whether the dog made its way out safely or not.